Helpful Resources for Parents, Teachers, Clinicians, & OT Students: 

Here are a few of our favorite resources. Please let us know of any other helpful resources, so that we may add them to this list.

1.) Sensory Integration and the Child by Jane Ayres is a book that explains sensory integration in layman's terms to assist parents, teachers, clinicians, and students understand sensory processing difficulties from the perspective of a child, how the nervous system functions, signs of sensory dysfunction, and tips to try at home and at school to increase independence within the child's natural environments.


2.) Tips & Strategies for Successful Participation at School. This resource is a fact sheet that provides useful strategies to implement at school to increase participation of students that have sensory processing difficulties. 

3.) Occupational Therapy's Role in Sensory Integration. This resource is a fact sheet that defines the role of occupational therapy working with individuals across the lifespan that exhibit sensory processing difficulties.

4.) Pediatric Assessment Tools for Sensory Integration. This resource is a review that lists and explains useful assessments for clinicians to evaluate sensory processing difficulties.

5.) Effectiveness of occupational therapy with Ayres Sensory Integration® intervention. This resource is an article that discusses the effectiveness of Sensory Integration intervention to increase participation and function in individuals with sensory processing difficulties. 

6.) Techniques for Effective Collaboration. This resource is an article that outlines strategies for effective collaboration to use with teachers, occupational therapists, parents, and students with sensory processing difficulties.

7.) Effectiveness of Occupational Therapy That Uses Cognitive or Occupation-Based Interventions.This resource is an article that discusses the efficacy of cognitive and occupation-based interventions to increase participation and function in children that have sensory processing difficulties.

8.) Support for Children & Families with Sensory Processing Difficulties. This resource includes an article on page 10 that discusses the occupational therapy intervention process for children with sensory processing difficulties, supports for family engagement, and an explanation of sensory integration and how difficulty processing sensory input can affect daily performance.

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